Administration for Car Leasing ...that simple!

Total solution

...for managing car leasing. eCarex is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Deltavision is responsible for the operation of the system, which you access as a Cloud Service via a browser - quite simply!.


Overview and statistics on invoicing, customers and cars.

Overviews for process management of extensions, daily tasks, etc.


Contact information, identification, etc.

With CVR integration, information about companies is retrieved: master data, authorized signatories and other relevant information.


Documentation, pictures, etc.

With DMR integration, master data and inspection information on the cars are retrieved.


Calculation and sending of offers for regular leasing agreements as well as seasonal agreements.

Accepted offers are transferred to the contract module for further processing.


Contracts are created based on offers or calculations and prepared for invoicing.

With Addo Sign integration, acceptance and signing can be automated and digitized.


Invoicing is created every month based on the active contracts.

With Payment Service (PBS) integration data can be transferred to PBS.

With e-conomic integration, invoicing is transferred directly from eCarex to e-conomic.


eCarex is simply built in modules - which all use the same functional principles and layout.

Access to the individual modules is rights-controlled. So the individual only has access to relevant information.


All information in eCarex: customers, cars, offers, contracts etc. displayed in easy-to-understand lists.

All lists allow for efficient searching and sorting of information.


All modules in eCarex are structured the same, so it is easy to find all relevant information.

- thus using the various modules is intuitive and simple.